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Ways to Get Involved
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K-12 Presentations

Help introduce students from K-12 what it means to work in the lighting industry. We need presenters, school relations, product donations and more!

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Principal Round Table

How can the principals at firms help remove the barriers into the lighting industry? We need help recruiting principals, developing the curriculum and topic leaders. 

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Data Collection

The Baseline survey is only the beginning. Help evolve the survey so we can ask the right questions, the right way.

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K-12 Workshop

Work with students from K-12 to introduce them to lighting design through hands on activities. We need workshop volunteers, after school program assistants, and more!

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Needs Based Scholarship

There is currently only one needs based scholarship to help students pay for their lighting education. Our team needs help sourcing funding, and developing scholarships.

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Social Media

From Tweets to TicToks, we need help communicating our journey. We have lots of content to get across and we need you to help shape it. 

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Post Secondary Presentations

Speak to post-graduate students in  about the lighting industry and how they can pursue it as a career. We need presenters and university & college introductions. 

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Equity Questionaire

Help create an industry diversity questionnaire to support minorities within our community.


Still Unsure?

If none of the committees work for you? Let us know how you want to help EIL!